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Jan, 2020

Presidents Letter

PRESIDENTS REPORT January 20, 2020

In Accordance with the 2019 Operating Manual, this Presidents report is available to all general members.

First, I want to thank all of the volunteers on the board of Bennett’s Creek Little League (BCLL) and all of the active managers/coaches and other related volunteers for making baseball and softball possible for children in Suffolk and the surrounding areas.


The league treasurer will present the current Financial status of the league.  We are currently looking good and will discuss are current status, as well as possible spending items that will occur regarding field work, equipment and concession improvement (on-going).  Registration has opened and he early bird offer has past with incredible numbers from year’s past. Late registrations help to offset the savings provided during the early bird and BOD members discount. 

Teams and Enrollment:

  • Enrollment during our past 2019 spring and fall for both baseball and softball was strong.  Reminder that Challengers will need to register through the league’s website portal in the 2020 spring season to cover down on our insurance. 
  • Anticipate for baseball:
  • 1 Junior team
  • 1 Intermediate team (working)
  • 3-4 Major teams
  • 4 Minor teams
  • 6-8 Coach/Pitch teams
  • 6-8 T ball teams
  • Anticipate for softball:
  • 1 Junor/Senior team
  • 2 Majors teams
  • 2 Minors teams

Based on our current numbers, our social media advisements and growth of sponsors, we could find that we have more than anticipated. 

Fields and Facilities:

  • Overall fields need some work from the winter season, to include the BB Majors conversation to support Intermediate.
  • BB Juniors field at John Yeates Middle School needs work (funding to assist Nasamond Pony as past years). 
  • Dugout replacement for softball
  • New picnic tables
  • Score boards
  • Field lights


  • Increase sponsorships in order to make capital improvements (on-going).
  • Advertise league through social media and mailers.
  • Coaches and players clinics

District 6 key dates:

  • Player agents (BB/SB) mandatory meeting; tomorrow, Tuesday, January 21st, at 6:30pm (Western Branch SB conference room) – WBHS.
  • Safety Officer’s meeting (District); Tuesday, February 3rd, at 6:30pm (Western Branch SB conference room) – WBHS.
  • Safety/Coaches Clinic for District (all Minors coaches/managers on up); Saturday, March 14th at 9:00am (West Park Church, Portsmouth, VA) – across from Wilson HS.
  • Score keeper training; Saturday, march 21st at 10:00am. (Russel Memorial Library; Chesapeake, VA) – Taylor Road.
  • 27 March; BCLL Opening Ceremony. (6:00pm)
  • 28 March; District 6 opening games.
  • 30 May; Last Saturday games (make up games, week after).
  • All-stars announcement (1 JUN)./Can play regular season until 15 JUN.
  • All-stars (17 Jun)/Jr/Sr (20th).
  • Nail down our assessments (Mid-Feb)
  • Nail down our registration close-out*
  • Nail down our draft/team assignments
  • Nail down our field day
  • Nail down our coaches/Safety clinic*

We have a lot of work to do.  I expect that we will have more side-bar steering committee meetings regarding drafts, fieldwork and clinics.  Time is fast approaching.  Please plan ahead and be flexible as weather will always play a factor.

Thank you again for making BCLL great!

Mark D. Grob


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