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Dear BCLL Family,

As we plan for our upcoming 2020 Spring season, we want to capture the talent that is within our league for our kids.  We have been blessed with some great coaches (managers-or head coaches and assistant coaches) for a very long time.  As players (with their own family members coaching) age out, we are always looking for new family members to fulfill the dynasty of coaching. 

To our past seasons’ managers and coaches:

We look forward to having all of you return in the capacity of coaching.  As we continue to grow, we look to gather your inputs as we create more development clinics for both coaches and players.  Please reach out to us with your intent to coach again for our next season.  We look forward to your leadership and mentorship for our players.  Your past success was highly instrumental on our past season’s victories!  Here are some improvements we are looking at:

1. Players clinics for skill-set improvements for all players (all divisions of play) ran by trained and/or experienced coaches.

  • Pitching (as required)
  • Batting
  • Fielding
  • Running/stealing/sliding (as required)
  • Throwing

2. Coaches Clinics for all level of coaches (novice to experienced) ran by other trained and/or experienced coaches.

  • Setting up for practice
  • Practice drill sets
  • Skill-sets and evaluation
  • Game set-up
  • Player analysis
  • Competitive planning

To our future seasons’ managers and coaches:

Parents and family members of our BCLL players; regardless of age/division; we love to have you as a coach!  I can tell you from my own experience, it is the most fun and rewarding thing you can do with your player.  I started in Tball some eight years ago and had the honor and privilege to manage/coach from Tball thought the BB Majors.  As I step into the BB Intermediate and BB Juniors division this upcoming season (I am a little nervous, but know I have a great supporting cast with our parents, fellow coaches and our board) I am certain we will strive to learn, develop and grow together into victory. 

With that said, I welcome new comers to the coaching staff.  You don’t necessarily need to have any experience with coaching.  This is what you need to be successful:

  • Dedication
  • Patience
  • The love of baseball (or any sport)
  • The love to develop our children with skill-sets and on-field leadership
  • Self-satisfaction


We at BCLL are always looking to have a solid coaching staff.  Your dedication, whether you are a returning coach or new, is always needed and much appreciated.  Please contact us if you are interested in coaching and at what division (TBall, Coach/Pitch, Minors, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors – Baseball or Softball). 


       Contact us by emailing any of the following personnel:


1.      Information Officer ([email protected])

2.      Coaching Coordinator ([email protected])

3.      Player Agents (SB/BB) ([email protected]/[email protected])

4.      Commissioners (SB/BB) ([email protected]/[email protected])

5.      Safety Officer ([email protected])


At any time, you can contact me, President of BCLL at ([email protected])


Visit our website and follow us on Facebook for any updates, information or further contact information.


Let’s play ball and win!

Mark D. Grob


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