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Bennett's Creek Little League Softball  Bennett's Creek Little League offers five levels of softball for players age 4 through 18. 

T-Ball Players ages 4 through 6 are combined with our T-Ball program and are co-ed. At this time Bennett’s Creek Little League does not offer a boys softball program. 

Minor Knowing that children coming into Little League are eager to learn and develop skills, Bennett's Creek Little League has formed two groups within the Little League Minor Division.  These are the Coach Pitch division and the Minor League division.  These divisions are further broken down into appropriate age groups to better serve the playing needs of the young children. 

The Minor division is an important addition to the league operation in providing the basic training in the game's fundamentals.  This division should focus more on softball training and less emphasis on the competitive aspects of the game. The Minor division is for players age 7 through 11. 

Coach Pitch is an instructional/preparatory division of the Little League Minor Division for players who are league age 6 to 9 (any player who has turned 7 on or before April 30th of the current season) in addition to any player that is league age 6 and has played at least 2 seasons of T-Ball may play in the Coach Pitch division. 

These age groups are dependent on the amount of softball registrations we receive within the age group.  In some instances these ages will be combined to form a Minor Team if the numbers do not support having a Coach Pitch team and a Minor Team.

Major (Little League Softball) The Major division consists of players age 9 through 12.  In this division play is competitive and most players have completed seasons in tball, coach pitch and minors.  Within this division the 9/10 and 11/12 tournament teams are developed.  Eligible 9/10 year olds may be from the Minor League division.

Junior League Softball To bridge the transition from Little League to Senior League Softball a program for 13-14 year-old players has been developed.  Junior League is an extension of Little League to provide a continuing activity within the framework of the local league. 

Senior League Softball Senior League Softball is an extension of the Little League to include ages 13 through 16 to provide continuing activity within the framework of the local league. 

Big League Softball Big League Softball is a further extension of the Little League to provide a continuing activity for ages 14 through 18. 

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